Recognize patterns and find connections with

Life Coaching

I know how a life coach can positively impact someone because I was positively impacted by my life coach.

In our three years together, I addressed trauma, implemented boundaries and broke down areas of codependency in my life. Working with my coach was so transformative that I wanted other people to access my experience.

By navigating my own trauma through life coaching, I am in a unique position. I know the feelings that accompany coaching sessions and the challenges that arise when diving deeper. I can relate to life after trauma and I know how to pick myself up in the aftermath. Most of all, I know I can help someone who’s been through similar experiences.

Your one-on-one coaching session

Our coaching sessions are all about you.

It is my job to be a sounding board and offer guidance as you work to improve boundaries, reduce codependent relationships and find a deeper connection with yourself.

During our time together, we identify areas in your life that need improvement and healing and I introduce you to the concepts and tools you need to address them.

I look at us like a team. Your success is my success, and I’m here to cheer you on.

Together we can work on:

  • Better boundaries
  • Lens of attachment
  • What your feelings are really tell you
  • Meeting your inner child and teenager
  • Self-care through Esteemable Action
  • Boundaries in divorce/co-parenting
  • Boundaries at work
  • Should I stay or should I go?
  • Moving past toxic relationships
  • Self-esteem
Cacao Ceremony Certified

A tradition that dates back to ancient Mesoamerica, cacao ceremonies help restore balance and guide emotional healing. Centering on nutrients from the cacao plant and their benefits, I take you on a journey to call on your ancestral energy.

A heart-opening medicine, cacao’s benefits include reducing inflammation, improving brain function, lowering blood pressure and boosting your mood. Through this ceremony, I then take you on a medical journey, where we set your intention and go deeper within. These journeys are accompanied by sound healing, which relaxes you and brings you into the present.

When I perform cacao ceremonies, I must acknowledge the practice’s ancient roots, as well as the Indigenous individuals who have kept it alive for centuries. During my training, I learned from members of the Tico tribe and worked with fifth-generation cacao farmers in Costa Rica—an intentional decision as a white woman living and practicing in the United States.

A huge thank you to Flory and Lisa Morris, who led my certification journey.